Thursday, 16 October 2014

13 Types of Players You See in MOBA Games

Three-lane MAP
3 paths, 2 bases, Towers and Jungle

MOBA is an abbreviation for multi-player online battle arena. This sort of game has different game modes (or maps), where players use different strategies to destroy the enemy base or take control of capture points.

You control one unit known as a “hero” which has a diverse set of skills. Neutralizing an opponent grants you currency as a reward, which you later use to buy equipment for your character. The approximate match duration is thirty minutes. The two battling teams consist of 5 players each for the larger maps. Smaller game modes include 3 vs 3, 2 vs 2, 1 vs 1 competitions.

On your way to demolish the enemy structures you encounter uncontrollable units referred as “creeps” ( different games use various names ). They give you additional currency when you kill them. There are three paths called “lanes” on the most common map which lead to the opposing base, as well as a jungle area where you can earn more money by killing neutral monsters. Most famous MOBAs nowadays are “DotA” and “League Of Legends” which are considered electronic sports.

Like all other cooperative online games, the best way to win is to communicate with your team mates. And the main purpose of playing is to have fun, right ? Entertaining or not, positive or negative, here are some of the most common player behaviours you will encounter in MOBAs.

1. The Noob

Noob sticker He is a new player, probably installed the game yesterday. He is still learning the controls, the key locations on the map, the jungle monster camps, all the heroes released until today and their skill sets. Trust me, it takes time to actually know what you are doing. These players are usually motivated and try to get used to the MOBA as fast as they can. They have a nice in-game personality, kindly accept feedback and seek go get better.

The term “noob” is also used to describe a far more experienced player who performs as low as a beginner. So if anyone tell you that you are a noob, he most likely uses this word to offend you.

Friday, 3 October 2014

iPhone6 Plus : #Bendgate - The Complete Story

After all the social media was flooded with posts, comments, videos and content on the iPhone6 Plus, we gathered the most interesting and creative Tweets and compiled something of a story for you guys.