Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Bio Bus to Revolutionise UK Transportation Harnessing The Power Of Crap

The Bath Bus Company set in motion an interesting implementation of green energy last Thursday. Bio - Bus is the name of a new bio-methane powered bus on route between Bath and Bristol Airport.

Friday, 21 November 2014

12 Apps To Use While Pooping

Toilet time for some of us is very sacred. For those of you who do number two under two minutes, you are not enjoying life. Pooping is the time for thoughts, for relaxation and for cleansing. You cleanse your mind from bad thought and you cleanse your body from that lasagne you ate last night.

Time Surfer App

To make number two a better experience, people invented mobile phones. With time, phones became smarter so we can enjoy a bigger variety of games and apps. Now we have really intelligent mobile devices that can offer us the best poop experience ever.

What are the best app to use while pooping?

1. PoopLog

It's not a game, but PoopLog is very essential for the toilet. This app can tell you if you have health issues. You might think this is a joke, but I hope you never have to use it.

Sometimes people get sick and they need to take notes of their bowel movement. So you can track the shape, amount, volume. You can also add information about the pain. The next version will even have support for colour, blood, mucus and others. 

This way you can see if everything is all right and you need to check a doctor or not. And the best part - you can add photos and share them to Facebook or other social media. How cool is that?

2. Unblock Car

A poop game should be simple and not-stressful. It's really unpleasant when you are just about to drop the deuce and the hard part of the level appears. Then you clench your sphincter and ruin the whole moment.

Unblock Car App

That's why you can play games like Unblock Car. The mission is simple - remove the red car by moving the others. A puzzle game for wasting time. There are levels for the advanced minds, but there are easier options for the beginners. You can even choose from different visual sets.

3. Tic Tac Toe

I won't give you an exact app here. There are so many versions for Android and iPhone - just choose the best for you. 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Top 20 Playstation One Games

It’s been awhile since the death of Playstation One. And by “death” I mean not manufactured anymore. If you are over 16 years of age then you probably still own a PS1 or at least seen one. Even its sequel - PS2 is not produced anymore.

Anyways Sony decided to move on with the creation of these consoles. Playstation Three and Four quickly replaced their older brothers because they offer better engines, graphics, gameplay and overall technological advantages.

Here I have enlisted some of my favourite PS1 games along with other best-sellers favoured by gamers in the world. Remember that this is only my opinion. Let’s get on with the top 20 best Playstation One games.

sony playstation one

20. Need for Speed 4

I’m not really a fan of car games but I remember playing this with my lil’ sister. We didn’t really compete as much as we crashed our vehicles hard and going like “Whooooa that was so cool”.

Anyway the game is pretty fun, has some nice car selection, maps, graphics and soundtrack. What else does one need?

19. Tomb Raider 

This game is so awesome, I don’t even know why I put it this low in the chart.

It is very complicated in terms of control but has some nice puzzles I spent countless hours solving and traps I had to avoid at all cost. Might even consider replaying it tonight.