Thursday, 18 September 2014

Slipknot Gave Us A Closer Look at Their New Masks

Every SlipKnoT fan already know that they are releasing their new album next month (21st October). We've been waiting for 6 year and for a period we weren't even sure if it will ever happen. After Paul's death the band wasn't the same. Then Joey's departure came along. But they released two singles and have proven that their music is still alive.

The new album is called .5: The Gray Chapter and, as you can see, the name is dedicated to Paul Gray.

There are two new band members, which we know nothing about. It's rumoured that Alessandro Venturella is the new bassist and Jay Weinberg the drummer, but these rumours are not confirmed.

As you know, Slipknot change their masks for every album. We've seen many faces during the 19 years of their existence. And now, thanks to Buzzfeed, we have a really good look at the new official masks of SlipKnoT for the upcoming album.

Some are not as new, but others are really creative. The masks of the replacing members are not individual like the others. Instead they are a reminder of the past.

And here is the closer image look:

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Paris Syndrome - How Idealization Could Ruin Your Health

The Paris Syndrome

There is a city so big and popular that it comes with its own syndrome? I'm not talking about Stockholm or Jerusalem, but about Paris (as the title of this article has already suggested).

If you haven't heard of the Paris Syndrome, here is what it's all about:
Every year, there are around a million Japanese tourists in Paris. Each of them comes with big expectations for the city. But around 20 (annually) of the tourists have their dreams shattered. This causes different psychological and physical symptoms, which need taking care of. The Japanese embassy has a special hotline for cases like this.

The symptoms could include anxiety, hallucinations, nausea, depression, feeling angry or acting hostile, dizziness and much more. Everybody could get different symptoms, this is why not everyone (specially French doctors) agree that this is a syndrome. But there are similarities between all the patients. And psychiatrist have discovered the main reason for this phenomenon.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Silent Wednesday 37 - Internet Comicbooks

Braveheart freedom wedding

College Girl Words

Use the proper punctuation

Do you know anything

Smoke weed every day.

Parents eat pussy

The Balls Shaver Face

Batman's greatest weapon is fear

Talking about Jesus

Game Logic

I am Groot

Cool Dad sex talk

Hey Clark, how are you man?

Superman stahp


missing step feeling

weird comics

Bees and flowers

Luis CK about Amazing

the mighty sandworm of arrakis

An Amateur’s Guide to Wildlife Photography

From urban geese and snowy stags in Scotland through to underwater habitats and forest close ups, the standard of images at the 2014 British Wildlife Photography Awards was incredible. You can see the winners’ gallery here. If you’ve been inspired by the amazing images from the competition, professional nature photographer Paul Hobson shares his top tips for amateur photographers looking to capture the great outdoors.

Taking wildlife close-ups

Taking extreme close up photography, also known as macro photography, is a great way to capture a new perspective of nature. But showing the intricate details of wildlife in a larger-than-life way can be tricky. Here are Paul’s top macro tips:

Try to get low: Lying down on the ground to photograph close-ups creates a lovely blur effect before and after your subject, helping it really stand out. A plastic sheet is a useful thing to have in your camera bag to avoid getting wet and muddy.