Monday, 1 September 2014

9 Of The Weirdest Movie Theories That Actually Make Sense

One of the best things about the internet is how people connect. If you are a fan of Star Wars now you can find millions of fans and communicate with them and share your beliefs. So thanks to such communities and connections, fan theories became a thing. And some Internet users are far more creative than others.

Now there are tons of fan theories about different theories around the web. But some are better than others. Some are actually better than the movies themselves. You start wondering whether the writers and directors of the flicks planned those things, or that the dudes behind the theory are so deep in to the plot, they want more and they create a new world.

Here are some of the best movie theories I found:

Pulp Fiction's Briefcase

One of the best Tarantino films ever created. This movie was not just another flick, but it created a whole new culture. Even today, after 20 years, people still love to dress as Vega and Winnfield for Halloween or simply cosplaying.

Vincent opening the briefcase

But have you head about the briefcase theory? Jules and Vincent retrieve a briefcase. They had to deliver it to their boss Marcellus. Nothing extraordinary so far.

Have you noticed how at the end Jules didn't want to give the briefcase to Pumpkin? He was willing to give him money and everything else, but not the briefcase. And when it was opened, we saw a weird "beautiful" glow.

The theory is that Marcellus Wallace has sold his soul to the devil and his two thugs had the job to retrieve it. The password to the briefcase is 666, which the number of the beast, and that makes the theory even more plausible. Maybe that strip on Marcellus' neck is another hint for the fans.

The Tarantino Universe

Speaking of Pulp Fiction, there is another theory connected with Tarantino. It's says that each of Quentin's  films is connected and the characters live in the same universe.

Tarantino Universe
Credits: IGN
And there are facts to prove that. The theory says that Mr. Blond and Vincent Vega are brothers, Lee Donowitz (True Romance) is the son of Donny Donowitz (from Inglorious Basterds), and there are a lot more characters with the same last names in different movies. Some of them are in the main roles, others are just mentioned. But the acknowledge of the existence of such people is what makes the theory possible.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Facebook Declares War on the Onion and Information Warfare

Facebook bombs the Onion clipart picture

Facebook tests the [satire] tag in front of content from the Onion to protect their users from believing false information. Too many people mistake content from the comedy network that pops up in the "related news" section in Facebook for the truth, thus the social media website takes the needed precautions.
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