Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Rock Will be a DC Superhero

If you are a DC fan you've probably already heard rumours about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson playing a major role in future films. Many people thought he would be the famous Green Lantern, but as we saw, Ryan got the role.

The Rrock will play Shazam

And there were even more speculations about The Rock playing the bounty hunter Lobo. Even though he is not the most popular DC character, his comicbooks are fun to read and there is a big fanbase. But Dwayne is not playing Lobo either.

In a interview for Total Film about Hercules, the interviewer asked The Rock:

"You've wanted to talk about wanting to do a DC movie. There's been talk about Lobo and Black Adam. Which character are you most excited to potentially play?"

Monday, 21 July 2014

Morphing Paper Sculptures By Li Hongbo

I get amazed by artist's ingenuity every day... It so happens that at least three or four times a week, I find somebody that uses the most unexpected materials to create their artworks with.

Today I discovered Li Hongbo. He's a widely appreciated man, with experience in many artistic fields. As a former book designer and editor, you could say he's very used to using paper in his work. And although paper is widely used in art, he's the first man to use it in the manner you're going to see below.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Kacy Catanzaro Owns American Ninja Warrior. The First Woman to Do This.

Kacy Catanzaro doing a challenge
Kacy Catanzaro at the American Ninja Warrior Finals
Watch Kacy Catanzaro beat the American Ninja Warrior. She is the first woman to do ever do that, so you are literally witnessing history.

And that's not the only reason the crowd loved Kacy. She just did the impossible. Five feet tall (about 152cm), the course is a lot more complicated for her, than to a regular-sized man. And the size is not the only disadvantage. She barely weights 45 kilos (100 pounds).

But what really grabbed the audience is her attitude. She knew she would win and did everything flawlessly. The commentators were amazed, the crowd was cheering. Between every challenge she stopped to greet the audience. At one point she even said she loved them.

She did what many Olympians and soldiers have failed. Watch the full video below:

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Coolest Cooler for The Summer. Literally The Coolest.

New Modern cooler called the Coolest

This is what I found on the Internet today - a modern 21st century cooler design, called the Coolest. It made me think about the present coolers we have. They are really outdated and impractical. Yes, they cool, because you fill them with ice. They sort of do the job, but are not really practical any more.

The typical cooler takes a lot of space, it breaks easily, it's not very comfortable and it's hard to carry from one place to another. Maybe we are not so bothered right now, because we didn't have a better option, but now we have.

Ryan Grepper started a Kickstarter campaign for this new cooler called the Coolest. So he pledged for $50,000, but it turned out a lot of people thought this project should become a reality. And now he got around $4,6 million. And there is still a lot of time until the starter ends.

Why are we not funding this meme
But We are funding it!
And why shouldn't he get funded? Look what The Coolest has to offer. There is a blender on top. It comes with a 18 volt battery, so it has enough power to break your ice. Which is really practical, because now you can mix your cooled drinks with some ice and make some sweet cocktails.

And that's not all...