Thursday, 17 April 2014

Pop Culture References in Dexter's Lab You Didn't Know About

For most people from my generation, when you think of your childhood, the most memorable things were the cartoons. We loved them so much, we still watch them from time to time. And which were the best ones? Courage The Cowardly dog, SpongeBob, Johnny Bravo, the three Eds, Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, Batman, Spider-man, Rugrats, Looney tunes... Actually there were tons of high-quality animations.

Heck, I will continue - Samurai Jack, Powerpuff Girls, Pokemon, Swat Kats, Digimon, Eek! The cat, Kids next door, Cow and Chicken, I am Weasel, Iron Man... okay I'll stop. It's just so many.

Cartoon Cartoons
Cartoon Cartoons

But one cartoon will always be my favourite - Dexter's Laboratory. It just brings all the nerdy things I love in one place. It had so many references and hidden jokes, it took me years to figure out. Don't know if you have seen 8 Naughty Jokes On Dexter's Laboratory That You Probably Didn't Get As A Kid, but you should take a look at it.

But Here I'll talk about references and spoofs.

Just Du It

We all remember the episode with the epic phrase Omelette du Fromage. With this simple phrase Dexter became a huge celebrity. If only life was so simple. But did you remember he was even making adverts for popular brands?

Monday, 14 April 2014

Outsourcing is King

Last night I watched a video that just became viral and was featured on most social networks. “Who pays the price?” is a video that uncovers the ugly truth behind electronics manufacturing and the impact it has on the ones who do the actual work.

Uncovers is not really true in the sense that it's a new discovery, it simply reminds the issue and stacks the facts against the well know apple corporation.

When I looked for the producer of the video I found an American non-profit organization, which aims to develop green economy and sustainable technology, so the world will be free of problems... Fat chance...

Anyway, I was directed to a digital petition to the head of Apple, Inc. – Tim Cook. Infuriated by the video, I was a click away from sending the pre-written message, when I glanced to see what I was actually sending.

Friday, 11 April 2014

The Return of The First Avenger

*This Review Contains Spoilers*

When I went to see the Captain America: The Winter Soldier I wasn't expecting much. The First Avenger  was kind of incomplete, but not a bad movie in general. Yet, people don't talk about it much. So I wasn't expecting for Marvel to make the sequel any better. They prove me wrong.
winter soldier by Orlando Arocena
winter soldier by Orlando Arocena

What I saw was something quite different. It grabbed me from the beginning and held me until the end. And after the success of Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World, I must say - Phase 2 is a lot better. This time it's not just some filler movies, but ones which want to dominate the Box Office.

What Really Got me?

First of all - Captain America is becoming more and more mature. You see his struggle with living in this modern world. It's been two years since he was defrosted, but that 70-year gap is hard to fill. Not only Cap has grown up, but Chris Evans as well. When I first saw him it was back in 2001 in Not Another Teen Movie he was the typical Jock. Since then he has played in many comedies and romantic films, but this is different.